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I’m at that part where Harry borrows a copy of the Advanced Potion-Making book from Slughorn. So he’s making his potion and instead of ‘going by the book’ like Hermoine, he instead follows instructions that the previous owner scribbled all over. 

Now I’ve never watched any of the Harry Potter movies or read any of the books until this last month. So why do I feel like this scene is so familiar? 

I think I read it somewhere, many years ago. But it can’t have been the book. I’m reading the books for the first time. Maybe I read some kind of parody or fan fiction perhaps or an article? 

It’s bothering me that I don’t know where I read that scene FUCK

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good god i reallylike him! he’s weird like me and totally awesome

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I saw a super hot guy at this event I was volunteering at yesterday. It was like the more i talked to him the cuter he got. Anyway he kept stealing glances at me and that made me feel good!

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I am so disappointed myself. I have so many flaws and it really scares me how up until not too long ago, I actually thought I was a decent person. But as I walked that 3.5 km home, I realized just how wrong i am in so many ways. And I’m really unreliable. I don’t know why anyone would hire me. 

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Today I got into a small fight and I went up to my room and started crying. I felt like I inadvertently  opened up a dam and now I can’t stop crying about everything from Toby’s death to Aaron and pretty much everything I had to go through in the last year and a half.

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it should give me an option to input the size of the paper but it dosennnnnnnnnnnnt gfdi

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